Cardiac Rehabillitation Sessions

Helderberg Cardiac Rehabillitation Cardiovascular Disease Prevention and Recovery Programme (CVDPRP) sessions take place every Thursday at the Helderberg Village clubhouse gym and exercise studio.

Each session consists of one hour of Education (starting 10.45 for 11:00) and one hour of Exercise assessment (starting at 12:00).
There are eight education sessions which are given on a rotation basis. The table below gives the titles of the sessions and the 2020 dates when they are held.

How the Heart
& Body Work
Principles of
Cardiac Risk
Choosing Food
Taking Medication
Mood Swings, Emotion
& Stress
Family Issues &
Finding Support
Where to Go From
9th January 16th January 23th January 30th January 6th February 13th February 20th February 27th February
5th March 12th March 19th March 26th March 2nd April 9th April 16th April 23th April
30th April 7th May 14th May 21st May 28th May 4th June 11th June 18th June
25th June 2nd July 9th July 16th July 23th July 30th July 6th August 13th August
20th August 27th August 3rd September 10th September 17th September 24th September 1st October 8th October
15th October 22nd October 29th October 5th November 12th November 19nd November 26th November 3rd December
10th December 17th December

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