Due to the Covid-19 Restrictions, Sessions at the Helderberg Village are not being held.

Instead Education and Exercise sessions are being held using the Zoom Conferencing system

The Zoom link is https://us02web.zoom.us/89978316021 The password is 255043 and they are the same each week.

The exercise session is held each Thursday from 11:00 to 12:00 with the exercise session being held immediately afterwards at 12:00 to 13:00.

The online Zoom Cardiac sessions will give you innovative ideas on what can be done to resume a desired level of activity, safely and effectively.

The Education Sessions are presented by medical and health professionals. and follow an 8 week rotation.

(4) 2020-11-05 Choosing Food Wisely - dietician

(5) 2020-11-12 Taking medications effectively - pharmacist

(6) 2020-11-19 Mood swings, stress and emotions - health professional

(7) 2020-11-26 Finding Support - Cardiac support

(8) 2020-12-03 Where to go from here - Health profressional

(1) 2020-12-10 Understanding your heart - cardiac specialist

(2) 2021-01-14 Principles of Exercise - biokineticist

(3) 2021-01-21 Caridaic Risk Factors - Health professional

The exercise sessions are live demonstrations teaching cardiovascular exercises that you can do in your own space and showing new techniques addressing balance, co-ordination alignment, strength, and endurance.

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TRUDI LIST RGN BSc MSc Advanced Practice
Cardiovascular Rehabilitation Coordinator
Qualified SAWFA Aqua Instructor

+ 27 78 747 1859


CardioVascular Prevention and Recovery Programme

CVDPRP Is a unique service that complements medical treatment following a cardiac event, procedure or surgery. It is an individualised programme that is designed for you, by you, with guidance from medical and health professionals. It begins on the day of diagnosis, and provides follow-up and support that continues throughout recovery.

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