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Dances from Dance for PD New York
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Dances from New York

Class taught by David Leventhal

Class taught by Lesley Garrison, music by William Wade

Class taught by Sarah Marcus

Class taught by Uta Takemura

Class taught by David Leventhal

Class taught by Macy Sullivan

Class taught by Janelle Barry

Class taught by Heather Waldon

Articles Section

Sara Houston

This book by Sara Houston explores the experience and value of dancing for people living with the neurodegenerative disorder Parkinsonís disease. Linking aesthetic values to wellbeing, Sara Houston articulates the importance of the dancing experience for those with Parkinsonís, and argues that the benefits of participatory dance are best understood through the experiences, lives, needs, and challenges of people living with Parkinsonís who have chosen to dance.

This book is available for Kindle from, price $32