Healthy Heart Food Chart

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The food chart below shows how to choose a variety of foods to help lower your fat levels.

Under stand what food labels mean with our Guide to Food Labelling

GO! Eat these foods regularly, and use them to make up your daily meals.
CAUTION! Eat these foods in moderation. Remember they contain more fat, salt or sugar.
STOP! Try to limit the amount of these foods. they are high in fat and sugar, so are only for special occasions or treats.

CEREAL PRODUCTS Wholemeal bread, fibre enriched white bread, whole-wheat breakfast cereals, porridge oats, oat bran cereals and oat cakes, wholegrain rice, whole-wheat pasta, high fibre crispbreads, wholemeal flour, oatmeal, wholemeal pita bread, wholemeal chapatis without fat. White bread, crumpets, lower fibre breakfast cereals, white rice and pasta, water biscuits, bagels, rice cakes, English muffins, white pita bread, white chapatis without fat. Garlic bread, naan bread, croissants, chipatis cooked with fat, cheese topped bread and rolls, bread with added oils e.g. some ciabbatas.
FRUIT All fresh and frozen fruit, all dried fruit and tinned fruit in natural juice. Fruit in syrup, avocado pears, olives
VEGETABLES & PULSES All types of vegetables, salad, pulses (e.g.Lentils, kidney beans, baked beans, peas etc.) Onion bhajis, pakoras.
POTATOES Boiled, jacket or mashed. Oven chips or chips/roast potatoes cooked in poly or monounsaturated oil e.g.sunflower, corn, olive oil. Chips or roast potatoes cooked in saturated oil, e.g. lard, bleanded vegetable oil, chips or French fries from takeaways or restaurants.
DAIRY PRODUCTS Skimmed milk (fresh or dried), reduced fat soya milk, skimmed milk powder, diet yoghurt, diet fromage frais. Semi-skimmed milk, soya milk, low fat yoghurt, low fat fromage frais, low fat coffee whiteners. Eggs 3-4 per week. Whole milk, evaporated milk, condensed milk, full fat milk powders, cream (including artificial brands), thick creamy yoghurt, Greek yoghurt, Scotch eggs, fried eggs.
CHEESE Low fat cheeses, e.g. low fat cottage cheese Medium fat cheeses e.g. edam and reduced fat hard cheeses, low fat cheese spread, parmesan. All should be eaten in small quatities e.g.50-70g per week. Full fat cheeses, e.g. cheddar, stilton, cream cheese. Note Vegetarian cheese is not necessarily low in fat.
MEAT & ALTERNATIVES Chicken, turkey (both without skin), lean ham, rabbit, veal, venison, game, Quorn, tofu. LEAN meat, mince, beef, lamb, pork, gammon, bacon, offal, liver, kidney, corned beef. Visible fat on meat including crackling, all sausages, pate, duck, goose, streaky bacon, meat pies and pasties, pork pies, salami, luncheon meat, meat paste, skin on poultry, chicken Kiev, samosas.
FISH All fresh and frozen fish (e.g. cod, plaice, salmon and mackerel), tinned fish in water, brine or tomato sauce (e.g. tuna, sardines, pilchards). Oven ready fish in breadcrumbs, prawns, crab, lobster, tinned fish in oil (drained), fish fingers, fishcakes. Fried fish, taramasalata, fish roe, fish paste.
FATS & OILS All fats should be limited. Oils, margarine and low fat spreads labelled "high in poly or monounsaturates" (e.g. sunflower, corn, soya and oliveoil). All margarine, shortenings and oils not labelled "high in polyunsaturates (e.g. butter, dripping, lard, suet, blended vegetable oil).
NUTS AND SAVOURY SNACKS Chestnuts. Walnuts, pistachios. All other nuts, all crisps, savoury snacks including cheese flavoured biscuits.
BISCUITS, CAKES & DESSERTS Puddings made with skimmed milk (e.g. sugar free whips, rice pudding and custard) sugar free jelly. Plain semisweet biscuits, scones, cakes and biscuits made with suitable margarine/oil. Low fat ice-cream, jelly, sorbet. Cream and chocolate biscuits, pastry, cakes, ice cream, full fat milk puddings.
SWEETS & SPREADS Marmite, Bovril, reduced sugar jam and marmalade, sugar free chewing gum. Jam, marmalade, honey, boiled sweets fruit pastilles, sugar. Peanut butter, chocolate spread, chocolate, toffees, fudge, butterscotch, lemon curd, mincemeat, peppermints.
DRINKS & SOUPS Tea, herbal and fruit tea, coffee, water, unsweetened fruit juices, low calorie squashes,instant low calorie hot choclate, clear soup and fat free home made soup. Alcohol, low fat drinking chocolate and malted drinks. Cream based liqueurs, whole milk drinks, cream.
SAUCES, DRESSINGS & SEASONINGS Lemon juice, vinegar, oil free dressing, herbs, spices, mustard, garlic pepper, tobasco, pickles. Tomato ketchup, brown sauce, low calorie salad cream, presto, chutney, stuffing mix, stock cubes, gravy granules, soy sauce, Worcestershire sauce. French dressing, salad cream, all mayonnaise including reduced fat varieties.