The Support Group meets every second month on a Wednesday evening in the Training & Development Room of the Vergelegen MediClinic, 5:30pm until about 7:00pm.

Meetings take the form of a social get together and guest speaker. Refreshments are available with plenty of time for meeting other patients and for swapping information and ideas. Committee members are on hand to help with any personal or welfare problems.

We have an interesting and invigorating programme of speakers from the medical and professional support services with the emphasis being on the provision of information and ongoing advice and guidance.

If you or your family have experienced any heart problems we would like you to join us. Why not give us a ring, contact us from this website or come along to one of our meetings at Vergelegen Mediclinic.

Our meetings are open to all heart patients and their family including partners. We can only accommodate 100 people so RSVP is essential.

Meeting Schedule

Members Meetings 2020:

Wednesday 16th September Webinar - The Impact of the Metabolic Syndrome and the Complications relating to Covid-19

It is now possible to book for this meeting "online"
Click here to go to the online booking form

This meeting will be held using the Zoom video conferencing system. The link to the meeting and instructions on how to use the system will be sent to all those who have booked a few days before the meeting

Presentations Click on a presentation to bring it up (not recommended for dial-up users)

January 2020 Mary Parker - Body Stress Release

November 2019 Dr. Mark Abelson - What has Water ever Done for Your Heart - Hydration and Exercise in Water
July 2019 Dr. Francois Bouwer - Rheumatology and the Heart
March 2019 Ryan Wills - ER24
January 2019 Dr. Barry Barnard - The Mitral Valve
November 2018 Dr. Tjaart Venter - Medicines and the Heart
October 2018 Dr. Michael Janson
July 2018 Saskia Zietsman - Eating fot Your Heart
May 2018 Dr Tom Mabin - Lifestyle Issues
March 2018 Dr. Elmo Pretorius - Metabolic Syndrome
January 2018 Dr. Mark Abelson - Myths and Controversies in Cardiac Disease
November 2017 Dr. Johan Nienkemper - The Way to the Heart is through the Stomach
January 2017 Dr. Barry Barnard - Innovations in Cardiac Surgery
November 2016 Dr. Martin Combrinck - Why is Laughter Good for the Heart
March 2016 Dr. Stefan van Niekerk - Diabetes and the Heart/Muscle Mass
January 2016 Dr. Guy Letcher - The Importance of Follow-up after a Cardiac Event
March 2015 Dr. Paul Hill - The Role of the General Practitioner in the Prevention and Management of Cardiovasculer Disease
January 2015 Dr. Tom Mabin - "Doctor, Why is My Heartbeat Irregular?"
November 2014 Dr. Johan Nienkemper - Cholesterol
July 2014 Dr. Marelize Swart - Reclaiming Mental and Sexual Health after a Cardiac Incident
November 2012 Dr. Johan Roos - Prevention and Treatment of Strokes
July 2012 Dr. Johan Nienkemper - Heart Failure
May 2012 Nadia Loubscher - Cardiovascular Disease and its Syndromes. Why Exercise?
January 2012 Dr. Mark Abelson - Medication, Stenting & Bypass - The Role of Each Therapy
July 2011 Dr. Dave Harris - New Developments in Heart Surgery
March 2011 Dr. Mark Abelson - Atrial Fibulation - warfarin and the newer alternatives