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During the Covid-19 lockdown our meetings will be held using the Zoom Concerencing System at 17:30 on a Wednesday evening. Meetings are held every second month.

Meeting Schedule

Members Meetings 2021:

November 17th
To be announced

Presentations Click on a presentation to bring it up (not recommended for dial-up users)

March 2021 Prof. Francois Venter - Covid-19 How can South Africa get out of this mess?

January 2020 Mary Parker - Body Stress Release

November 2019 Dr. Mark Abelson - What has Water ever Done for Your Heart - Hydration and Exercise in Water
July 2019 Dr. Francois Bouwer - Rheumatology and the Heart
March 2019 Ryan Wills - ER24
January 2019 Dr. Barry Barnard - The Mitral Valve
July 2018 Saskia Zietsman - Eating fot Your Heart
May 2018 Dr Tom Mabin - Lifestyle Issues
March 2018 Dr. Elmo Pretorius - Metabolic Syndrome
January 2018 Dr. Mark Abelson - Myths and Controversies in Cardiac Disease
November 2017 Dr. Johan Nienkemper - The Way to the Heart is through the Stomach
January 2017 Dr. Barry Barnard - Innovations in Cardiac Surgery
November 2016 Dr. Martin Combrinck - Why is Laughter Good for the Heart
March 2016 Dr. Stefan van Niekerk - Diabetes and the Heart/Muscle Mass
January 2016 Dr. Guy Letcher - The Importance of Follow-up after a Cardiac Event
March 2015 Dr. Paul Hill - The Role of the General Practitioner in the Prevention and Management of Cardiovasculer Disease
January 2015 Dr. Tom Mabin - "Doctor, Why is My Heartbeat Irregular?"
November 2014 Dr. Johan Nienkemper - Cholesterol
July 2014 Dr. Marelize Swart - Reclaiming Mental and Sexual Health after a Cardiac Incident
November 2012 Dr. Johan Roos - Prevention and Treatment of Strokes
July 2012 Dr. Johan Nienkemper - Heart Failure
May 2012 Nadia Loubscher - Cardiovascular Disease and its Syndromes. Why Exercise?
January 2012 Dr. Mark Abelson - Medication, Stenting & Bypass - The Role of Each Therapy
March 2011 Dr. Mark Abelson - Atrial Fibulation - warfarin and the newer alternatives


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