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Welcome to the Helderberg Cardiac Support Group

Wednesday 18th March 2020 - Meeting Cancelled

Dr. Guy Letcher is now scheduled to address our meeting on May 20th. - His topic will remain Am I not too Young and Fit to have Heart Disease?

It is necessary to book again for this meeting.

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The meeting will be held in the Training Room at the Mediclinic Vergelegen starting at 17:30.
To get to the Training Room, enter the the new building at Block 3, walk past the lifts, at the T junction, turn right and immediately left. The Training Room is on the left hand side of the passageway.

As the Training room is smaller that the restaurant, we have had to limit the number of attendees to 70. Therefore if your name is not on the list you may not be able to get in.

If you have booked on the website booking page by filling in your name and pressing "Submit", you should go to another page with the comment "Thank you for booking Your name" If this does not appear, then you are not on the booking list, please try again.

It is now possible to book for this meeting "online"

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Please note that the annual Seminar will take place on Saturday 12th September 2020 at the Erinvale Golf Club

Site last updated on 17th March 2020

The Helderberg Cardiac Support Group is a non-profit making group, run and supported by volunteers that have come through the process of heart surgery, or are waiting for the treatment for many different types of cardiac disease.

The object of the Cardiac Support Group is to boost morale of both patient and their family by providing support, guidance and advice, thropugh professional speakers, so that together, they can face the future with confidence and understanding.

The group meets every second month on a Wednesday evening in the Training and Development Room at the Vergelegen Medi-Clinic, meetings start at 5.30pm and generally run through to around 7.00pm.

Special events include a seminar which, apart from the educational value, allows the group an opportunity to socialise with others who share similar conditions.

The Aims

Establish and maintain contact with patients who have heart problems, and their families.

Offer mutual support and help.

Provide ongoing advice and guidance from professional speakers.

Arrange support meetings and social events.

Support cardiac pre-op and rehabilitation programmes to the benefit of cardiac patients.

Please note that the Helderberg Cardiac Support Group is not a medically qualified body. We do not give medical advice, offer a professional service or recommend any form of treatment. We are a group of heart patients who aim to offer mutual support, help and encouragement to other heart patients.