1945 - 2020


Zelda joined the Helderberg Cardiac Support Group Committee in July 2010, and was elected Chairperson in February 2016.
She carried out Visitations at the Mediclinic Vergelgen for many years.
Following an operstion in 2019, she became very ill and never really recovered.
She passed away on 27th December 2020

Dr. Paul Hill - Vice Chairperson
It seems surreal that Zelda passed away without any of us knowing.
She was a valuable and enthusiastic chairperson and member of our committee. We will miss her. RIP.

Hugh Arthur - Secretary
Zelda was a chairperson who stopped discussions going round and round in circles.
She was particularly good at liaising with the Mediclinic about our bi-monthly meetings,
She had a heart valve replaced and used to say she could hear it clicking
We will miss her leadership and her infectious laugh.

Trudi List - Committee Member
Our Chairperson made us proud.
We shall all remember her and her work

Herman Steyn - Past Chairperson
I have received with great sorrow the news of the passing away of Zelda Black.
One of my favourite poets, Siefried Sassoon wrote the following poem, which spplies to Zelda.

"I know that she is lost among the stars,
And may return no more but in their light.

Thus, when I find new loveliness to praise,
And things long-known shine out in sudden grace,
Then will I think: 'She moves before me now.'
So she will never come but in delight."

I can still remember the day about 10 years ago when I, as the then Chairman of the Helderberg Cardiac Support Group
had a meeting with Zelda to talk to her to do patient visitations for the support group.
She visited patients in the years to follow and she was always so interested in the patients and she made a difference in so many ways.

Zelda was a genuinely warm and wonderful individual, Our sorrow is lessened only slightly with the comforting thought that we had the privilege to know her. Zelda will always be remembered by all those that she has affected positively.

There are many individual moments in my nearly 14 years as a member of the support group and as Chairman for 5 years that make them memorable. The monthly cardiac meetings, the annual cardiac seminars. And there are other moments, just as important, but more subtle.

Zelda's smile was one of those moments. For as long as I can remember, there was Zelda walking across the room with that beautiful smile. Always a good word to be said, the epitome of a lady. She represented everything good about cardiac support.

The Helderberg Cardiac Support Group will go on. But for me, without Zelda's smile, it just won't be the same.

Thank you, Zelda, for all the light you shone.

Gerald (&Lyn) Robinson - Treasurer
We will miss your cheerful and enthusiastic manner.
Rest in peace and enjoy being with your beloved daughter again.

Norfried Schoop - Committee Member
Although our aquaintence is not as long as with the other committee members and you are now in a better place.
Virtual guidance is now more than ever needed and appreciated. With intense memory.

Sakkie (& Anne-Marie) Krynauw - Committee Member
We are so shocked. We both enjoyed Zelda so much. We will miss her